At the Patton Cabin, there are a lot of fun and educational activities for all ages. Below are some of the activities that have been offered in the past.  

     One activity is old fashion games that the twelve Patton kids might have played to keep themselves entertained. Some of the games there are Graces, Trundling the Hoop, Ball and Cup, and more. You can churn butter and bake cornbread here as well.

     Another activity at the Patton Cabin is the old fashioned school. A teacher instructs children in math the old fashion way. The kids use chalkboards and chalk to write, just like the Patton kids would have.

     A Black Hawk War re-enactor teaches about the military that would have been there in the Patton time.  In this activity, you can also learn how to march like a soldier and what the inside of a military tent looks like.

     Another activity is a tour of the Patton Cabin. A guide shows you the inside of the cabin as well as explaining the objects that are in it. You can also ask questions about anything else that concerns the cabin.

     Quilting is another activity. See beautiful, hand-made quilts that are hung up on a clothes line.

 Washing clothes the old fashion way is another activity. Learn how the Pattons washed their clothes and then do it yourself.

 You can also vote in a past presidential election.  Politicians change every year.

      Rope making is another activity. Make a rope or just watch it being made.

     Sometimes, there is a great story teller that comes to the cabin. He tells stories for all age groups.

Refreshments will be provided at the Patton Cabin:  cookies, cornbread, lemonade and others.

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